8 Lovely Simple Addition to A House with Modern Interior and Architectural Resolution

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A lot of people wanted to use house with modern interior since this design is simple to use but still have stunning appearance. Thus, you can try to use this design with almost any architectural resolution that you want to create.

Of course, you should try to avoid more traditional ornaments that usually available in classic home. Try to use defined lines that is more on straight line. For the color scheme, you should try to use neutral color pallet. It would be better when the architectural resolution that you use can help to combine outdoor with indoor living.

Especially since modern living really wanted to create airy and light room in the interior. You can try to do this by having large size windows. That way, you can have natural lights coming into the interior and make your living area bright and airy.

If it is possible, then it is better to have open floor instead of complex architectural structure. This will give the house seamless appearance so you will experience the airy feeling more. You can do this by combining two or more room together such as the living room and the kitchen area.

Even if you use neutral color pallet, but does not mean you will have something boring. You can still use vibrant color for the accent color on the decoration. Using neutral color pallet can create a nice background for your decoration. Then you can even change the color accent that used in any season whenever you like.

It is also better when you use natural material inside your interior. This will bring the outdoor feeling into your interior and blend both areas better. You can use organic materials to create accent feature in the architectural structure you use. Here is house with modern interior that using simple design but appear stunning.

image source : pinterest.com

Eddie Borelli