13 Smart Really Amazing Ways To Recycle Wine Bottles

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Wine bottles are made from glass, which means you can actually recycle wine bottles and make really amazing items from them. Furthermore, the glass used on wine bottles is usually of high quality. Thus, when you recycle them, you will actually get high quality material to use.

Furthermore, there are a lot of items that you can create using this glass material. As long as you are creative enough, then you can actually benefit from using this material. First you can try to use create a flower vase using this wine bottle. If you want it to appear more interesting, you can try to paint the bottle with any colors that you like.

Then you can try to use it as candle cover if you have a candle holder that need a cover. Or you can try to make the candle holder using wooden material that you cut in cylindrical shape. Then top it with the wine bottle as the cover. Or you can try to use long rectangular shape candle holder then cover each candle with the wine bottle.

The small bottle neck can actually be used to store toothpick. This can be a cute little display that you can put on your dining table. Another item that you can make for your dining table is a snack tray. Just put a small tray on top of the wine bottle then fill it with any snack that you love. You can try to decorate the wine bottle with some stencils if you like.

If you need seasonal decoration, you can actually make decoration from wine bottle. Just decorate the outside of the wine bottle with any theme that you like. For example, Santa outfit, pumpkin and many others. There are really a lot of amazing creative ways that you can do to recycle wine bottles that you can see here.

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Eddie Borelli