13 Glamour Classic Interior of P&O Home with Hollywood’s Glamour Style

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Luxury classic interior will bring glamour style from Hollywood right into your home. With a traditional charm that is timeless, you will get an elegant looking interior right in your own comfort. But try to keep it simple since you still want the house to support your modern lifestyle.

Do not worry as there are simple ways that you can add to your interior design to give it more lavish look from the past. First you need to bring some metallic accent into the interior. Use it on finishing for some of your items. You can use various metallic finish such as silver, brass, gold, even copper.

Next is to not neglect the floor of the interior. To do this, you might want to add some rug into the room. This will give your feet something soft to step on. Furthermore, it will also make the room appear more stylish. The rug will be able to complete the look that you use in the interior.

Those who has limited space should try to add some mirrors to their interior. Besides making the room appear larger, the mirror will bring some light into the room. You need to carefully think about the frame of the frame to match it well with your interior.

Another thing that will surely add more lights into the room is some lighting. You need to arrange various types of lighting around the interior. This will give the design more dept and create nice ambiance in the house at night.

Art should be something that you should invest on. You should try to add some arts into your space. The art will give your design some glamour especially when you choose art that describe Hollywood glamour. Of course, more luxury classic interior ideas can be got from these designs that using glamour style from old Hollywood.

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Eddie Borelli