18 Awesome Kawakawa House by Herbst Architects in Piha, New Zealand

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Architecture design should also match well with the location of the house. That is because the location usually comes with special features that should be used in the architecture design. That is what you can see from these amazing Kawakawa house that is created by Herbst Architects located in Piha.

Because of this location, the house is built within pohutukawa trees located in ancient woods. Surely those who choose this location want to be able to enjoy the eternal green that surround them freely. That is why, the architect designs the house specifically to allow just that.

However, the challenge comes from the terrain of the location itself. The terrain in this coastal area really make it hard to build a house in. that is why, the architect finally uses concreate foundation to make it strong enough to stain in the terrain.

This is something that actually also affect the house design since with stronger foundation there are many more things that you can do on the structure. Furthermore, the architect wants to create design that allows people to enjoy the scenic view around the house. Thus, this foundation actually gives the architect the freedom to do it.

In the end, the structure of the house can be increase using steel rods which allowed to be done because of the presence of the concreate foundation. That way, the occupant will be able to enjoy the panoramic views from the second floor freely.

This is a feature that make this Kawakawa house became amazing as the structure and the architecture really enhance the design. This is a lesson that everyone should try to also use when they try to create house that suitable with the location of the building. If you need more inspiration, you can try to check more detailed view of this amazing Kawakawa house created by Herbst Architects.

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Eddie Borelli