40+ Beautiful Hanging Ceiling Winter Decoration Ideas

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Hanging ceiling can be a great way to decorate your home to add an elegant touch of Christmas and holiday. Well, you can use satin ribbon or other sparkling things for the ceiling. This kind of decoration is also a great choice for baby showers, anniversaries, parties, and birthdays. The dramatic display can be the best way to create a warm ambiance such as snowflakes and twinkling stars.

The first thing to do is to complete the display for your hanging ceiling decor. You need to plan for the display on the paper and make sure that the size is based on the size of your room. Remember that the height of your ceiling determines the length of your decoration. Also, you should decide about how far each decoration apart from the next. Do you want to stagger them or group them together? You may also need to decide about the amount of decoration and the available materials to make.

Next, it is good to know about the right templates. Here, you should draw it first on card stock or other sturdy paper. After that, place the template on the top of the foam core or cardboard.
Then, you need to trace the outline by using a pencil and then cut out the shape by using scissors, utility knife, or a craft. It is good to use this way for your winter decoration. You will also need to add interest to the ceiling decoration, especially in a small room. To start, attach multiple decorations on a ribbon in large and small designs.

If you have a spacious room with a cathedral ceiling, you can hang large decorations in the graduated lengths across the room. You need to hang the longest one at the peak of your ceiling. Meanwhile, you can hang the shorter ones to the outside edges of your room. Here are more galleries for winter decoration ideas.

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