37 Top Stepable Pathway Yard Ideas

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Do you want to make a pathway for your garden or backyard? Well, you can make a stepable garden walkway from plants that can deal with foot traffic. These plants are hard workers that at the same time can soften the hardscape. Other than that, the plants are great to add texture, beauty, and scent to give the best walkway view to your exterior. It sounds perfect that the plants are also easy to maintain just like grass. The plants allow you to step on them.

Weeds can grow thick and tight and adding a path for plants are great to try for. Just like many sedums you can find on galleries of the garden walkway, the seeds can grow in but you just have to do a little haircut so that the stepping stones are visible. Additionally, it is possible for you to use Irish mosh as a popular choice. We call it scotch moss that works as the ground cover with the bright green view. It makes you feel like you have a green river but it is your best pathway.

Alternatively, you can create a modern pathway design. You will need the stepping stones to do so. Also, make sure that you add Irish moss that works to soften the stones. It looks more interesting because of the presence of other textures such as succulents and ground covers.

Well, it is great that there are many plants you can use to complete your pathway. Even though they can tolerate all people step on the plants, it does not mean that you can play football on them. The plants still need basic care and enough water. So, low-maintenance plants do not mean that they can grow beautifully without any water or care at all. Still, you should concern about their basic needs such as the sun, the shade, and the water needs.

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