38 Top Green Bedroom Design Ideas

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A green bedroom is just like blue. It offers a calm and relaxed feel to your bedroom. The thing that difference green to blue is that blue has a subdued vibe. Meanwhile, green offers fresh vibrancy that will give more excitement to your space. Whether you want to add a little green to your space or you want to use it to the entire walls, this natural hue looks versatile to any decorating ideas. So, what are the perfect green tones to complete your bedroom?

Well, if you want to create a boho-style bedroom, then you should go with boho green. It is possible to use various styles to complete the bohemian look. For example, you can combine British colonial furniture and traditional style with the accents from the global of the world. Even it looks great when you add a palm in the corner of your bedroom. It works great to add an ultimate accent to your green bedroom.

What if you want to make an exotic bedroom design? You can decorate it in turquoise, cream, and burnt orange. The emerald green walls create more excitement for space. The walls are great for the backdrop that can work with any palettes and decorating ideas.

Even it is possible to use white to complete your bedroom design ideas. In this case, you will use fresh and vibrant green. Additionally, you need to work for the walls with soft mint green to give a calming backdrop since all are in white. Other than that, it looks best when you add a darker green accent for the throw blanket to create a contrast look. Finalize your bedroom by mixing some patterns such as shams, sheets, throw pillows, and others.

Who says that green cannot go wild? It is true that green offers a soothing look, but when you play with bright tones, it is powerful that can stimulate your bedroom atmosphere. For example, you can use a green-print bed with hot pink bedding details and a hot pink rug for your bedroom design.

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