40+ Stunning Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Small bathroom design will be helpful if you have small space in the bathroom area. It will be able to make your space appear bigger. Furthermore, you can create efficient space when you use this design. That way, your space will appear the best as it should be.

But before you use this design, it is better when you remove everything that you do not need in your bathroom. That way, you will be able to see how much space that actually available in the bathroom area. You will also make the room feel less stuffy because of all the junk that usually spread around the bathroom.

To be able to control the traffic in your small bathroom, it is better for you to use corner sink. Install this sink right across the toilet so it would be more functional. It will also make it easier for you to reach the sink. Furthermore, it will make it better when you need to use the shower door.

Actually, you might want to forgo the glass shower all together. To save the space, it is better for you to just use shower curtain instead of the glass closing. That way, you do not need to provide space just to make sure the door can be open easily.

You might need to have a vanity in your bathroom even though the space actually small. You can still have it when using floating vanity. That way, you can just install the vanity on the wall instead of putting it on the floor. This will make the space look bigger since you do not use any floor space.

Try to use bigger mirror that would stretch over the wall and not limited only on the vanity area. This will make the room appear brighter and bigger. Furthermore, more people can use the mirror at once which surely helpful when you have small bathroom design.

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