40 Awesome Apartment Decoration Ideas For Small Apartment

You might need to use apartment decoration ideas especially when you have small apartment. The challenge is usually you want to be able to fit more things than what the space allowed. But with clever planning you can actually do it and fulfil everything that you need.

Start with your dining area. Instead of using the normal big dining table, it is better for you to just use round table. Although this table is popular for breakfast nook area, but you can actually use it as a normal dining table. It would safe so much space and more efficient to use.

Setting your mood is very important in small space. That way, you would not feel stuffy when you stay in the small area. To do this, try to use bright and cheerful color such as muted turquoise tone. Of course, you can always use neutral color such as white or crème to achieve the same result.

Another thing that you might want to change in the room is by having sliding door instead of the normal swinging door. That way, you can use the door without the need of having space for it to swing open. You can also try to install some window on the door to give bigger space feeling.

Be very careful when planning your floor space and try to save as much space as possible. For example, try not to use any media console. Instead you can try to just mount your TV on the wall. That way, you will have extra floor space to use.

Another thing that can help you to save the floor space is by using multipurpose furniture. For example, you can try to use coffee table with storage so it can be used to organize your room better. Things like this really make apartment decoration ideas easier and more effective to use.

image source : pinterest.com

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