43 Elegant Bohemian Style Living Room Decoration Ideas

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40 of 40

What exactly is Urban Bohemian style? I love to believe it is like most urban girls out there: superbly conventional, and yet completely modern, determined by world journeys, unconventional, and however, comfortingly familiar. And Urban Bohemian style is getting an increasingly common design.

At the 19twentieth century, Bohemians were those men and women who dwelt unconventional lives, which were not concerned with conventional methods of thinking and living. They frequently were musicians, authors, musicians, and celebrities who though quite inventive were somewhat eccentric from the times' standards.

The expression came from roving gypsies which were believed to emerge in Bohemia, but now, the term refers more to a mindset than an specific way of life.

Now if we speak about Bohemian Chic layout or Urban Bohemian style, we're speaking about a look which is about the mixture of accumulated things than a particular style. It is often conventional, sometimes glamorous, combined together with modern and cultural pieces all combined together to match the person's liking. It is hard to outline a style which is so diverse, private and diverse but there are some fundamentals to understand.

Eddie Borelli