43 Stunning But Simple DIY Camper Storage Ideas

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Those who loves traveling might want to do DIY camper storage as their next project. The idea is actually very simple but it gives amazing result. Especially for those who often travel in their camper. Having this storage will really make organizing the items in your camper easier.

Not to mention that camper usually have small storage. This means you will need to have suitable storage with the right sizing. You surely also want to be able to fit everything that you need on the road in the small space. Thus, creating a nice storage for your camper is really something that you should try do.

You surely need to have a storage besides your bed. But the camper might not have enough space for nightstand. If that is the case, then try to use bedside caddy which you can easily install beside the mattress. You can use this caddy to hold everything that you need at night.

Shower is another space in your camper that usually lacking storage. However, you need to have a lot of amenities that you will use daily. To cope with this problem, you can try to create shower pocket to organize all amenities. You can DIY it by using shoes plastic organizer that you can hang on the shower wall.

But you might want to have your toothbrush easily accessible in the sink area. For this, you can create toothbrush holder using PVC pipes. This is an easy DIY project that you can do in no time. Then you can hang the holder near the sink area.

If you have any door in the camper, try to also make use the space on the door as storage. Add some door hook and place your organizer in there. You can also hang various things in the door for easy access. Here are DIY camper storage ideas that simple to use.

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