45+ Cool Minimalist Master Living Room Interior Design Ideas

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Living room interior design should be think carefully especially when you want to use minimalist design. This idea is cool to have in the master living area. But it is also need to be carefully done so you will be able to achieve the minimalist style.

The best thing is minimalist style can be use in living room that has small size. Thus, everyone can use this design ideas in their own home. Of course, you should try to choose design that you love. And you should also add some personality to your design.

First you might want to paint the wall with white color. This color is a signature color that you can easily find in minimalist living room. But this color will also make you feel relaxed. Thus, you really need to use this color in your apartment or home decoration.

Do not worry if you do not like white color, you can actually try to add some texture in your living room. For example, you can use concrete in your wall instead of painting it. That way, you will have beautiful texture which make the living room appear unique.

One thing to remember is even though you want to create minimalist interior but that does not mean it should be plain. You can try to add a piece of furniture that appear dramatic in the space. This item will be the accent furniture for your living room that will make the design appear unique. You can use furniture that have unique shape or unique color.

Adding some greenery is another thing that you should do for your living room. Especially since minimalist living room sometimes can appear cold. But adding some plants to the room will make it appear warmer and more inviting. Here are some living room interior design that using minimalist ideas to create cool living space.

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Eddie Borelli