43 Smart Centerpieces In National Colors

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Independence Day almost arrive in a few weeks. And you might need to use centerpieces in national colors to show your patriotic spirit. These items are very creative and will surely make your house appear more festive. Thus, you should really brighten your home using the American colors and classic combination of stripes and stars.

First you might want to start with your yard area. Especially when you plan on hosting a BBQ party to celebrate the festivities. Add some buntings on the ceiling around the house which you can see from the yard. Then you can add some garlands around the patio area to match it.

On your table, you might want to choose flowers that have national colors. Or you can just use red flower then place it on blue and white vase. If you already have a table centerpiece that you like, you can always add small flags on it to give it some colors.

Do not forget to decorate your front door using paper medallion made with patriotic colors. You can easily DIY this decoration by cutting bunting in circular pattern. Hang the medallion on the door with some hook.

Another DIY that you can create is firework decoration that you can made using paper tissues. Cut the tissues in fan shape then combine it so it forms circle shape. Do not forget that you need to color the paper tissues in national color to match the theme. Try to make a few of them in different sizes so you can layer it.

Next is to decorate your window by placing draperies in national colors. You can try to extend the draperies above the window so the pattern will be more visible. This will instantly change the appearance of your window and make it appear more patriotic. Here are other centerpieces that you can use and create in national colors.

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