42 Stunning European Farmhouse Ideas On A Budget

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European farmhouse ideas will make your home appear more exciting. This style combines the rustic look of a farmhouse with the classic European style. That is why when you use the style, you will have elegant but warm interior design that make your house feels homey.

The style itself is inspired by many country houses located in European countries such as France, Swiss and Belgium. That is why, you will find different styles that you can use to decorate your house with. So, you do not need to worry since you can still achieve this interior design within reasonable budget.

Let us start with something simple such as wooden ceiling. Instead of using normal ceiling cover that you have in modern house, try to opt for wooden material. Expose the wooden texture by adding nice stain that can bring out the wooden color. This will give your house beautiful texture in the ceiling.

Of course, you should still decorate the ceiling. Thus, you need to add some lamp on it. Keep it simple and budget friendly by using old lamp with classic style. This will give European feeling to your farmhouse style decoration.

Another idea that you can do is to combine the shabby style with something clean such as white color. This will make the decoration appear more balanced with the rustic appearance and clean feeling. You can even use this style throughout the year since the white color can make you feel warm or cool as the season changes.

For the background, you should try to use cream color which will be a good canvas for your farmhouse decoration. The cream color is suitable to be mixed with farmhouse decoration with natural material. This will also make the room feels warmer and more welcoming. Here are other European farmhouse ideas that you can do on a budget but still appear exciting.

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